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Valentine's Day

Surprise your better half with our Valentine’s Day Take Away Hamper. Indulge in a special gastronomic experience, crafted with love by our chefs. Order now and create a romantic moment at the table. Love deserves to be celebrated with flavor!

When you visit don’t be surprised to see decorative pieces from the family, like the pictures painted by his mother, mirrors and exposed frames from his grandparents and a few other authentic family relics that all together harmonize a space often called “a place to stay until closing”.

The owner and actor of the Portuguese television Lourenço Ortigão often appears without warning, it is usual to enter the kitchen full of ideas to test, his taste for cooking and entrepreneurship runs in his blood since he was born and the Villa Saboia is where his creativity gains “flame”.


Royal Room

Connected to the Saboia Room, our Royal Room has a charming and elegant decoration. Its fireplace provides a warm and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for family meals.

max. 12 people

Noble Room

Known as the hall of mirrors, the Noble Room has a cosy space with access to the restaurant’s balcony. Its atmosphere is ideal for enjoying your meal in a tranquil way.

max. 18 people

Saboia Room

With its glazed window providing pleasant natural light, the Saboia Room is not only our main room but also the largest. Enjoy your group dinners in a modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

max. 25 people


Freshness, Quality and Diversity

We have selected an offer of Sushi of enormous quality, we are demanding in the choice of our suppliers and in this segment the good quality resonates immediately both in the presentation of the dish and in the taste of our pieces.

In the Mediterranean Cuisine, we can provide dishes for various tastes from hamburgers to matured meats, leaving the famous Risottos to delight the most “distracted” customers and putting the Codfish with Asparagus Brás jealous to change the TOP SELLER with a Shrimp Moqueca to raise to Heaven.

However, we guarantee that your choice of dish will always end well with any of our salivating desserts.

Mediterranean and Sushi Menu

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Monday to Sunday

Lunch – 12h to 16h

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