Mediterranean and Sushi Menu

Freshness, Quality and Diversity

You can’t imagine how much work it is to have 2 kitchens. As we usually say we have 2 Villa Saboia’s with 2 different worlds … don’t you think it was worth it ? We think that being “everywhere” was the right choice.



  • Couvert - 1pax 3,2€

    Tuna paste, olives, butter and bread

  • Shrimp cream 6,1€

    Vegetable and shrimp cream

  • Truffled Mushroom Cream 5,1€

    Truffle with seasonal mushrooms

  • Alheira "Croquetas" - 2 uni 6,2€

    With sweet chilly jam and crispy leek

  • Octopus Carpaccio 15,1€

    Mix of peppers, tomato, lemon juice and olive oil

  • "Go-to-garlic" Shrimp 17,2€

    Shrimp, olive oil, garlic and ginger

  • Lobster Puff 16,9€

    Puff pastry, shrimp, lobster, carrots, leek, saffron mayonnaise and arugula

  • "Bolhão Pato" Clams 17,9€

    Clams, olive oil, garlic and ginger

  • Truffled Carpaccio Sirloin 17,1€

    Beef tenderloin, capers, parmesan, arugula, cherry tomatoes, truffle oil and balsamic reduction

  • Traitor Salad 14,9€

    Salad mix, chicken, goat cheese, nuts, honey, cherry tomato and bacon

  • Saboiana Salad 14,9€

    Salad mix, burrata, beet, orange, green apple and cherry tomato

  • Non-Stress Salad 14,9€

    Salad mix, avocado, mango, shrimp, feta cheese, cherry tomato and yogurt sauce

Burguer Desire

2 Side dishes included

  • "Villa" Burguer 15,9€

    100% beef burger, lettuce, tomato, bacon, caramelised onion, cheddar cheese, crispy leek and mayonnaise

  • Double King Problem 17,9€

    Double 100% beef burger, lettuce, tomato, bacon, caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, crispy leek and mayonnaise

  • Salmon Burguer 16,9€

    Salmon burger, tomato, spinach leaves, crispy leek, chives and lime mayonnaise

  • Lobster Burguer 18,9€

    100% beef burger, spinach leaves, tomato, blue lobster with special mayonnaise and chives

Meat chunks

  • Rump Steak Saboiana 22,4€

    250gr of rump steak premium, iberian salad, beans, rice and french fries

  • Sirloin Steak 18,5€

    With french fries and sauce of your choice

  • File Mignon Steak 24,5€

    With french fries and sauce of your choice

  • Sauce

    Cream & Mushroom
    Ancient Mustard
    Olive oil, garlic and fried egg

  • Trims

    Basmati rice 3,5€
    French fries 3,5€
    Smashed spinach 4,5€
    Grated potato 4,5€
    Iberian salad 3,5€
    Sautéed vegetables 4,5€
    Tagliatelle with cream 5,5€
    Boiled vegetables 6,5€
    Fried egg 2€

Risotto & Pastas

  • Earth Risotto with Truffle 22,8€

    9 months matured portuguese queijo da ilha cheese, fresh mushrooms, asparagus and black truffle

  • Vegetarian Risotto 16,5€

    Asparagus, pumpkin and fresh mushrooms

  • Goat ravioli 19,5€

    Goat cheese ravioli, caramelised onions, tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives and parmesan

  • La Pasta Caprese 18,5€

    Fresh pasta, tomato confit, burrata and pesto sauce

  • Villa Tagliatelle with Truffle 22,8€

    Tagliatelle with truffled cream, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, duck magret, parmesan, rocket and black truffle

Villa Specials

  • Grilled Salmon Fillet 19,8€

    Gremolata crust, lime quinotto and sautéed vegetables

  • From Portugal to the World 22,8€

    Low temperature cod loin fillet with asparagus brás and boiled vegetables

  • My Africa 18,9€

    Wild shrimp moqueca and croaker with basmati rice and coriander emulsion

  • Laminated Duck Magret 19,3€

    Foie Gras sauce, orange risotto and sautéed vegetables

  • You're Fried Oh Fish! 19,8€

    Fried hake filet with tomato rice and boiled vegetables

  • What a Sweet Octopus! 19,5€

    With mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed vegetables

  • Veal Tartare 18,5€

    Angus veal, capers, chef's seasoning and fries



  • Missoshiro 3,2€

    Miso broth served with tofu, seaweed and chives

  • Edamame 4,2€

    Vaporized soy beans with salt flower

  • "Villa" Gyosas | 4 uni 6,5€

    Japanese chicken and vegetable ravioli

  • Salmon Tartar 14,4€

    Salmon, chef's sauce, black truffle, quail egg, roe, guacamole and rice

  • Braised Carpaccio 14,1€

    Braised salmon with sweet chilly sauce, scallop, chives and leek

  • "Villa" Kimuchi 14,9€

    Diced salmon and tuna, chef's sauce, leek, chives and sesame

  • Tempura of Prawns | 2 uni 5,8€

    Fried shrimp with kimuchi mayonnaise

  • Vieira from Heaven 8,9€

    Crunchy scallop wrapped with salmon and chef's mayonnaise

  • Tuna Tataki 15,9€

    Braised tuna, leek, sesame, chives, tobikko and ponzu sauce


  • Crispy Ebi 7,9€

    Breaded shrimp, chives and teriyaki sauce

  • Lá Villa 6,9€

    Salmon, chives, cream cheese, mango and avocado

  • Salmon Cream 6,9€

    Salmon, chives and cream cheese

  • Salmon Light 6,7€

    Salmon and chives

  • Spicy Tuna 8,9€

    Tuna, chives and kimuchi sauce

  • No Rice 8,9€

    Argula, salmon, cream cheese and chives

Nigiri | 2 uni
  • Unagi 4,9€

    Eel, leek and tobiko

  • Salmon 4,7€

    Salmon, roe, chives and wakame seaweed

  • Hot Salmon 4,9€

    Braised salmon, cream cheese and strawberry

  • Tuna Fire 6,2€

    Braised tuna, foie gras with tonkatsu sauce

  • Shrimp 4,5€

    Shrimp and Japanese mayonnaise

  • Asian Tuna 6,2€

    Tuna and wasabi kizami flower

Hot Rolls | 8 uni
  • No Rice in My Hot, Please! 14,1€

    Salmon, shrimp, cream cheese and fried seaweed in tempura

  • Hot Crab 13,4€

    Hot Salmon and dorset crab, cucumber with chef's special mayonnaise

  • Salmon "Around Me" 12,2€

    Hot salmon and cream cheese wrapped in salmon and strawberry

  • Classic Hot Philadelphia 10,9€

    Hot salmon and cream cheese

Uramakis | 8 uni
  • From California 10,9€

    Salmon, shrimp, avocado, mango and Japanese mayonnaise

  • Crab Roll 14,9€

    Salmon, dorset crab, cucumber, cream cheese, roe and chef's mayonnaise

  • Ebi Special 13,9€

    Breaded shrimp, cream cheese, avocado, soy seaweed, chives and teriyaki sauce

  • Village 11,9€

    Salmon, mango, cream cheese and tobiko

  • No-Rice Roll 14,9€

    Soy seaweed, salmon, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, mango with spicy mayonnaise

  • Salmon Crispy 11,9€

    Breaded salmon, cucumber, crispy leek, Japanese mayonnaise and kimuchi onion

  • Tuna Spicy 12,9€

    Tuna, chives, leek, chopped tuna with Japanese mayonnaise and kimuchi sauce

Sashimi Party | 9 uni
  • Tuna 19,5€
  • Salmon 15,5€
  • White Fish 16,5€
  • Mix Party 16,9€
Combis From Villa | 25 uni
  • Tradicional 27,1€

    We respect the Japanese tradition and privilege the flavor, the freshness of ingridients and the quality of rice, creating pieces based on seaweed, roe and fish... Travel to Tokyo.

  • Like a Boss 29,9€

    Our Boss, whenever he shows up, asks for some very special pieces, selected according to his demanding taste. In this combination we created a set of special and creative pieces, which have never ceased to be TOP Sellers in our menu.

  • Salmon Party 24,9€

    In this combination, the Villa's most sought after fish is well represented here and we chose the best variety of salmon-based pieces to integrate our best ingredients, providing a hug explosion of flavors!

  • Heaven 28,4€

    Using all of our fish, we created a “freestyle" selection where the variety of pieces is our brand. With fusion and traditional techniques in one, we propose that you taste this combi that will take you to heaven!

  • No Rice For My Father, Please! 32,9€

    Be like our Father (he is the only person in the world who doesn’t eat rice) and try a set of special pieces based on fish, fruits and roe that we’ve created for a rarity like him. Be “weird” like our Dad!

  • We Have a Vegan Dream Combi 22,9€

Gunkans | 2 uni

  • Hot Salmon 5,9€

    Braised salmon, tempura shrimp, cream cheese, strawberry and chives

  • Ebi Desire 6,5€

    Salmon, shrimp and Japanese mayonnaise

  • Salmon "Lá Vieira" 6,9€

    Salmon, braised scallop, roe, leek and wasabi sauce

  • Tuna Fire 7,2€

    Tuna and foie gras braised, salt and chef's sauce

  • Egg Truffle 5,8€

    Salmon, quail egg, salt flower and truffle

  • Spicy Tuna 7,9€

    Tuna, scallop, wakame seaweed, sesame and wasabi kizami flower

  • Unagi 5,8€

    Eel, wakame seaweed, chef's suace

  • Lobster From Heaven 7,6€

    White fish, lime, lobster, chef's sauce and roe

  • Crab Me 6,7€

    Salmon, crab, chef's sauce and roe

Box Party | 12 uni

  • Gunkan "Box Party" 19,9€

    Our mum loves gunkans and so we dedicated to our "mummy" a selection of pieces very special to taste... Trust us a dozen moments.

  • Uramaki "Box Party" 16,9€

    For the more undecisive we have created a selection of assorted for delight. These pieces, more known as "makis" translate into rice rolls with a variety of ingredients that we couldn't describe here. Trust us!

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