Villa Saboia


It was the summer of 2016 when two brothers with no experience in the restaurant business ventured into a unique and challenging project.
In one of the most emblematic avenues of Monte do Estoril they opened their first restaurant together and with such a familiar side they created a concept of space endowed with charm and at the same time with a welcoming atmosphere that makes the customer feel at home.

When you visit don’t be surprised to see family decoration pieces such as pictures painted by his mother, mirrors and exposed frames of his grandparents and a few other authentic family relics that all together harmonize a space often called a place to stay until closing.

The owner and Portuguese television actor Lourenço Ortigão often appears unannounced, it is customary to enter the kitchen full of ideas to test, his taste for cooking and entrepreneurship runs in his blood since he was born and the Villa Saboia is where his creativity catches fire.

The Mediterranean cuisine shares the leading role with the Japanese cuisine and the motto is undoubtedly Soul Food – food made with and to Heal the Soul. All products and wines are selected as carefully as possible, being nowadays a reference in quality and good service, receiving Saboianos customers as a family.



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